Lip Gloss, Pop Beauty

Pop Beauty – Plump Pout Mini


Love this time of the month! And no, it’s not THAT time of the month, its Ipsy bag time! This month I will honestly say I was a bit disappointed by the products that came in my Glam Bag, but I must trudge forward and try these little beauties!

Now normally I am not a lip gloss person so I wasn’t to excited about Pop Beauty’s Plump Pout Mini.  I don’t like sticky, shiny lips; my hair always seems to get stuck to my lips when I wear lip gloss, ew! But as your Purrfectly Beautiful beauty blogger I MUST try everything I can get my paws on!

The color of the Plump Pout Mini is gorgeous! Fuchsia Freesia (say that three times fast!) It’s not as bright as it looks but it’s a beautiful pop of color for this dreary time of the year! After using the product I decided to learn more about it and was surprised to see that it contains lip-plumping peptides.  My lips were not getting very pouty over this! I noticed no difference in these thin lips of mine! An ingredient that surprised me and then made me hungry was avocado! Yum, love that green stuff!

The gloss is pretty thick and the staying power of it is so so. There is definitely a funky smell to the Plump Pout that I can’t really identify. There was nothing that wowed me about this product so I am giving it two paws down!

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