The C Word

My mom, sister and I
My mom, sister and I

In lieu of my usual beauty product review I am going to get a little personal. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer less than a week ago. Since that time, our whole family has had up and downs with the emotions. Tonight is definitely an up.

After meeting with her dr. the news is wonderful! The cancer is barely measurable in her breast and has not spread anywhere. A simple lumpectomy and radiation should do the trick. Of course it is a bit more complicated than that, but it is wonderful news! My mom will have the summer full of appointments and radiation, but the upside is she won’t miss work as she is a teacher.

This is a huge wake-up call for me.  I don’t do self exams and I think that cancer is never going to happen to me or my family, but it can and it does. So be vigilant, check yourself, go to the doctor and be healthy!

I would welcome your experiences and thoughts about breast cancer.

Friday’s post will be back to the norm! I will be reviewing Younique’s eyeshadows


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