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My Favorite Things: Urban Decay All Nighter

allnightersprayI recently watched one of Jaclyn Hill’s videos where she used Urban Decay Make-up Setting Spray. Because I take her to be an expert on all things make-up I had to get it and of course I had a need for it. I put my makeup on at 6am. I can’t possibly think it’s going to last through until the evening, especially with a mid-afternoon workout. When I use the Urban Decay All Nighter spray my makeup lasts all day and into the evening. I don’t know what’s in this stuff but it works. My face stays put!

I give this two paws up!

Have you used this spray? What do you think?


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Beauty Blenders – Love ’em or Leave ’em?

Beauty BlenderBeauty Blenders are all the rage these days, or at least that’s what it feels like. Head into Sephora and you can bet that one of the consultants is using one on a client. I was first introduced to a Beauty Blender in one of Jaclyn Hill’s videos. The Beauty Blender is an egg shaped sponge that is designed to give you a flawless finish when applying your foundation and concealer.

The best way to use the beauty blender is to get it wet (it doubles in size) and then wring it out so it is just damp. In videos I have watched people dot the foundation on their face first and then use the beauty blender to blend it into the face. I don’t use my beauty  blender for foundation so I can’t attest to how it works. I do however use the beauty blender for concealer. I just stipple the blender under my eyes and on blemishes and it pushes the concealer into my face.

I will say when I use the beauty blender I notice that my concealer is less cakey. I think that is due to the fact that the blender is damp. I prefer to use the beauty blender for concealer rather than using a concealer brush.

The Beauty Blender isn’t really a miracle product but it is fun to use.

The Beauty Blender gets a whisker twitch! (so-so)


New Concealer to Try – Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

narsAs you all know, I have had a heck of a time trying to find a concealer that covers up my ridiculous dark circles and doesn’t settle into the lines underneath my eyes. I have tried everything–or so I thought. I was at Sephora the other day and the consultant introduced me to Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I had never tried the radiant creamy concealer and was definitely skeptical about it.

I totally noticed a difference the first day I wore the Nars concealer. I looked brighter under my eyes ( my dark circles were still showing, but definitely not as bad) and I had no cakeyness under my eyes.  It went on pretty easy. I didn’t use the wand, instead I used a wet beauty blender which I swear by. Not only did the concealer work well under my eyes it also worked to cover some redness on my cheeks.

I am about day 3 into the concealer and still like it. I am reading reviews on it and lots of people say its cakey but I definitely don’t think so.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer gets one paw up–still need to determine if its a keeper.

What is your favorite concealer?


Two Day Hair

Long Hair--takes forever to dry
Long Hair–takes forever to dry

Remember the pants that had the zippers at the knees? You could wear them as pants one day and shorts the next–hence two day pants. Well here is my Two Day Hair.  I was always a firm believer in washing my hair once a day, sometimes even twice a day. But about a year ago I just couldn’t take it anymore. My color faded faster, my hair was dry, and it took so long to dry my hair (its long and thick). So I decided to forgo the ickiness and start wearing two day hair.

I will admit it took me a few weeks to be ok with the two day hair thing. The second day my hair was in a bun or a pony. I couldn’t stand it touching my face, it felt really greasy to me, although it didn’t look it. I found a dry shampoo I liked and started spraying that on the roots when I felt greasy.

All the info I have read online says it takes a while for your hair to stop producing all the oil–it’s true. If you can get past the first month of two day hair you will survive. My hair is thicker and healthier than it was before. I dare you to try it!


Countertime – Beautycounter’s Newest Product Line

beautycounter-countertime-collection-495x650When my friend asked me if I wanted to review Beautycounter’s latest product line, I was more than happy to oblige. I really believe in Beautycounter’s mission and I love that their products are all natural and healthy for you. If you haven’t read up on Beautycounter check you can do so here.

Beautycounter’s newest line, Countertime is an anti-aging line consisting of a face wash, enlightening treatment pads, radiance firming complex, uplifting day cream, nourishing cleansing balm, restorative night cream and vibrant eye perfector. This line was developed because so many of the traditional anti-aging products out there contain retinyl. Retinyl produces free radicals that can damage DNA. If you would like to read more about the risks of retinyl go here.

I have been using anti-aging products since my 20s.  Weird, I know, but you have to treat wrinkles before they start. Once you have wrinkles there isn’t much you can do besides plastic surgery. I was excited to try these products and see how they hold up.

Soothing Face Wash

The soothing face wash contains tons of natural ingredients, I won’t list them but you click the header to read them. A tiny pea size amount of this goes a long way. The face wash smells great and really gets your face feeling clean. I used this every morning. It was extremely gentle on my rosacea face. This is a product I would definitely buy.

Enlightening Treatment Pads

I didn’t like these at all. They felt too much like those oxy pads (without the harsh ingredients of course) and were scratchy on my face. Beautycounter states that 73% of women that used this experienced a significant decrease in pore count. I only used these once since I didn’t like them.

Radiance Firming Complex

This firming serum combats wrinkles and discoloration. I used it but don’t think I noticed much of a difference. In Beautycounter’s study, women did see differences but that was after using it for 4 weeks. I don’t think I would pay for this product but it was very gentle on my face and didn’t irritate me.

Uplifting Day Cream

This day cream reportedly promotes firmer skin and less redness. I really liked this cream. I would have prefered my day cream to have SPF in it. The day cream didn’t leave me feeling greasy as some do. I didn’t notice less redness but again, I only tried these out for a week.

Nourishing Cleansing Balm

This balm is like butter. It melts into your skin smells so good and makes your skin so soft. I heard of women using it on their feet to make them softer and also some women slept with the balm on instead of rinsing it right off. I thought this stuff was great. In the study Beautycounter conducted 100% of women noticed an increase in skin hydration that’s no surprise to me because this stuff is so thick.

Restorative Night Cream

The night cream is thick but doesn’t go on thick, I know that doesn’t make sense, but it almost thins out on your face. I liked it ok but didn’t think it made much of a difference. I think I would have preferred to keep the cleansing balm on all night instead of using this night cream.

Vibrant Eye Perfector

I am in love with this! I have really bad dark circles (hereditary) and this lightened them almost immediately. I was so excited! I have used millions of different eye creams and none have worked like Beautycounter’s. If you are desperate for a great under eye cream this is it!

So all in all I really liked this line. I believe in Beautycounter products, think they are wonderful and love how the products smell.  My only issue with Beautycounter is their prices. I understand that the time, testing and ingredients are a factor in their price but I think that many women cannot afford these products. I really was excited about the eye cream, but then when I saw the price I was disappointed. I do not want to spend that much money on an eye cream.  I really do love the products, but if they lowered their prices $15-20 I think they would open themselves up to a much bigger demographic.

If you are looking for products that are all-natural, safe and good for sensitive skin this line is for you! These products are top-notch and really live up to their claims. If you are interested in purchasing them or have any questions related to their products click here.

These products get the healthy paw of approval

Paw of Approval

Cat Fight

It’s a Cat Fight: Department Store vs. Drugstore Makeup

catfightMost of us have used drugstore makeup for years, and when I say drugstore I am talking Walmart & Target as well. Some of us even go to stores such as Sephora, Mac, and department stores to get our makeup. But is it really worth it to pay more? I’m sure you’ve seen the make-up dupes out there, if you haven’t, go to my Pinterest and check them out. So if these dupes are cheaper then are you just paying for the brand? I went in-depth to research this for you.

Some of the differences between Department Store & Drugstore Makeup are:

  • Pigments & Fillers – Department store brands will have a higher pigment to filler ration than cheaper brands–more pigment means more intense and longer lasting colors
  • Organic & Natural Ingredients – Many department store brands have organic and natural ingredients which are more expensive than chemicals
  • Packaging – Most department store brands have very luxe looks and packaging, drugstore brands not so much

To put this into perspective I compared ingredients in two HD Foundations, Makeup Forever HD (which I use) and NYX HD Photogenic Foundation. Only 3 ingredients stuck out in the more expensive Makeup Forever foundation; replidium, fucogel and sericite, these ingredients moisturizer and help give you a radiant look. But are those 3 ingredients worth the $20 more you will pay?

So it begs the question how do you know when to splurge on makeup? These are my recommendations based on my research and my own product tests:

You should splurge on foundations, blushes, concealers and lipsticks. Most drugstore brands do not make the cut. They don’t have the ingredients that make these products long lasting. I always buy high-end with foundations and concealers. I suffer from rosacea and need something that will not irritate me. I use both expensive and cheap brands of lipstick. I prefer the more expensive brands as they have more lasting power.

Stick to the drugstore for mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. I have gone back and forth on many of these products and I still like the cheaper brands for these three.

If you need convincing do your own product trials and also check-out the makeup dupes.  Also check ingredients. If you are choosing between an expensive and a cheaper product, look the ingredients up. If they ingredients are the same, obviously go with the cheaper brand.  There are some really good things in the drugstore, you would be surprised!

Let me know what brands you go for in the department sore and the drugstore.



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DIY Beauty: Avocado Hair Mask

avocado hair masI love trying beauty treatments from the kitchen. I think its fun and interesting and sometimes you even find something that works–this is not the case here.

Pinterest is my go to source for everything–cat pictures, makeup tips, recipes–you name it I got it off Pinterest. While perusing Pinterest I saw a recipe for an avocado hair mask. I thought hmmm, I love avocado, love a good hair mask, lets do it! The hair mask recipe calls for 1/2 an avocado, 1 egg and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Whip it together and you’re ready to go!

First of all I knew I was going to have to get in the shower to do this. So I ever so carefully put my bowl on the side of the tub and bam! It falls over!  Thankfully it stayed right side up. As the instructions stated I got my hair wet and then applied the avocado hair mask. It was disgusting to apply. I had to dip my hands into this slimy, gooey mess and then apply it to my hair. The avocado then slid down my hair onto my body making me feel even grosser. After a while I kind of got most of the mixture into my hair and of course on the shower walls, the shower curtain, etc. I then waited 10 agonizingly long minutes with a head full of slime and then rinsed and shampooed and conditioned.

After blow drying my hair, I realized that the damn avocado hair mask didn’t seem to do a thing. My hair looked the same, felt the same and thankfully smelled the same! Hopefully by writing this post I will save you the same fate! Don’t do it! Pinterest needs a disclaimer on this one-use at your own risk!

Have you tried the avocado hair mask? Did you have the same results as I did? Let me know about your Pinterest Beauty Fails!

This avocado hair masks gets 4 paws down and a hiss!



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My Favorite Things: Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner

I love black eyeliner. I never leave home without it on. Ever since I started wearing makeup I have worn black eyeliner. I look and feel naked without it. It hasn’t always been easy loving black eyeliner. Over the years I have tried and been disappointed with most black eyeliners–pencils, liquids, gels–none of them had any staying power and were washed away within hours.

Then Maybelline made this incredible gel eyeliner. It is better than any expensive brand eyeliner out there. The staying power is insane! I seriously have to try hard to get it off. The Eye Studio Gel Liner is smudge proof and waterproof for 24 hours. It is safe for sensitive eyes and is oil free.

If you love black eyeliner and haven’t been able to find one with staying power, this one is for you. It’s cheap, and works incredibly well. One word of advice- the brush that comes with it sucks. I use an angled eyeliner brush from Sephora. It’s much easier to apply the eyeliner with that type of brush than the one that comes in the package.

So go out and try this eyeliner and tell me what you think. You WON’T be disappointed. This eyeliner gets the very rare 4 paws up!

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Need to Know: Face Primer

Pixi-Flawless-Poreless-Primer-3I never knew much about face primer and didn’t think much about it until I received a primer in my March Glam Bag. After doing some research I thought I would share with you the highlights of what I found.

Face primer gets your face ready for foundation by filling in lines and creases to make foundation go on more smoothly. One of the most common ingredients in face primer is silicone, which helps provide an adhesive surface for pigments. Interesting. I decided to dig further and found this information on the Pixi Primer I received:

  • Pearl extract for revitalization, protection and anti-aging
  • Truffle extract is a luxury additive rich in amino acids and minerals to tone and hydrate
  • Vitamin E increases skin elasticity.
  • Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant
  • Vitamin C has revitalizing and nourishing benefits.

After using the primer several times, I really see no difference. My make-up Goddess, Jaclyn Hill, also thinks primers are a waste and I think highly of her makeup advice.

So tell me, do you use a primer, do you see results? I feel like I could be swayed to the Primer side if I used something that worked. Leave me your comments about face primer.

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Be Matte Blush by City Color

Another disappointing find in my February Ipsy Glam Bag was Be Matte Blush by City Color. The last thing a girl with rosacea wants is blush!

A little background for you. I have suffered from rosacea probably since high school.  I didn’t really get bothered by it until about 10 years ago. 10 dermatologists later and hundreds (and I MEAN hundreds) of dollars later, I am learning to deal with it better and have it managed. So when I receive a blush, I laugh.  I already am naturally flushed 24-7, so I don’t feel I need anything to make me rosier.

As your Purrfectly Beautiful blogger, of course I will take one for the team and try the blush. I actually really like this blush.  The Be Matte Blush color I received was fresh melon.  I used a tiny little bit on a blush brush and also mixed in some of my Too Faced bronzer as I was afraid I would look too red. The look of the blush was pretty, but I think it would look better on someone without rosacea. I will be handing this product off to my sister.  I think it will be Purrfect for her!

For my girls with rosacea, do you wear blush? If you do, what brands? Discuss

I am giving this a paw down and a paw up as it isn’t a product I can use, but it is nice color.