Blush, City Color

Be Matte Blush by City Color

Another disappointing find in my February Ipsy Glam Bag was Be Matte Blush by City Color. The last thing a girl with rosacea wants is blush!

A little background for you. I have suffered from rosacea probably since high school.  I didn’t really get bothered by it until about 10 years ago. 10 dermatologists later and hundreds (and I MEAN hundreds) of dollars later, I am learning to deal with it better and have it managed. So when I receive a blush, I laugh.  I already am naturally flushed 24-7, so I don’t feel I need anything to make me rosier.

As your Purrfectly Beautiful blogger, of course I will take one for the team and try the blush. I actually really like this blush.  The Be Matte Blush color I received was fresh melon.  I used a tiny little bit on a blush brush and also mixed in some of my Too Faced bronzer as I was afraid I would look too red. The look of the blush was pretty, but I think it would look better on someone without rosacea. I will be handing this product off to my sister.  I think it will be Purrfect for her!

For my girls with rosacea, do you wear blush? If you do, what brands? Discuss

I am giving this a paw down and a paw up as it isn’t a product I can use, but it is nice color.