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Younique Eye Pigments

Younique Sassy 2I am loving on Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder by Younique.  These pigments are gorgeous and long-lasting. I have several shades that I have been trying, but right now I am in love with Sassy, which is a pinkish color. I never thought pink eye shadow looked good, but I love it!

Younique is a newer company that is selling products that are chemical free. Their eye pigments contain: mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, Bismuth Oxychloride Carmine, and Zinc Oxide. Basically all natural occurring minerals. The container that the moodstruck minerals pigment powder comes in reminds me of bare minerals. You shake a little bit of the pigment powder in the cap and brush it on. I am pretty sure this eyeshadow will last me forever! I barely have to use any to get a completely full-coverage look.

The moodstruck minerals comes in a ton of shades from very dark to very bright! At $10 a shade, I don’t think you can go wrong!

If you are interested in learning more about Younique and their products, contact Heather Jadus, she is a consultant with Younique.

I give props to Younique for being natural and having a great product at great prices!! Two paws up!

Chemically Free Products, Eyeshadow, Vegan Products

It’s a 2fur! Pacifica Eyeshadow Duo & About Me!

In May’s Glam Bag, was a really cute eyeshadow duo from a brand called Pacifica. They eyeshadow shade was Celestial and Opal.  Love these colors.  This eyeshadow is now my daily go-to eyeshadow.  Its a great, light summer color with lots of shimmer.

Pacifica is 100% vegan and cruelty free! I love that Ipsy is really branching out with the brands they send to subscribers. The eyeshadow shades that Pacifica offers are beautiful and come at an affordable price. Pacifica also sells other cosmetic products that are all 100% vegan.

I give the Pacifica duo eyeshadow two paws up!

And now because I will not be sending you your regular Friday edition of Purrfectly Beautiful, you will receive a 2Fur in today’s edition. Below is 10 Q&A about me!!! Send me any questions you might have! I am more than happy to answer them in another Q&A edition!


  1. What is your middle name?  Catherine
  2. What is your favorite drink? Water
  3. What is your favorite song? Currently it is Sing by Ed Sheeran
  4. What is your favorite food? Mexican
  5. What is the last thing you bought? Wedding present
  6. Favorite Book of All-Time? Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
  7. Favorite Color? Pink
  8. Any pets? Two! Odis and Jack! Both cats
  9. Favorite Perfume? Don’t have one
  10. Favorite Holiday? Christmas!
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Derma E Micodermabrasion Scrub

2013070315162697967_medThis month’s glam bag came chock full of moisturizers and other facial scrubs and peels. Although I use a scrub once a week or so on my face, I have never used a microdermabrasion. I was excited to try Derma E Micodermabrashion Scrub.  I went online to learn more about the company and product since it was a new name to me. Imagine my surprise when I learned this company only used natural ingredients in their products! I always love chemically-free products! Kudos Derma E.

So this microdermabrasion scrub is loaded with great ingredients including sea salt, lime and lemon peel and Vitamin E.  I used a small amount to start and that’s all I really needed to scrub my whole face.  It’s definitely a strong scrub! I was a little concerned that this would irritate my sensitive rosacea skin, but it just made me a little red, nothing more. I scrubbed very gently for a minute per the instructions. My face felt awesome! I do scrub once or twice a week, but my scrubs are nothing like Derma E’s scrub. On Derma E’s website they also mention you can use this scrub for rough areas on your body. I will definitely be trying that! The price point for the scrub is pretty decent compared to other products out there.

I will definitely continue to use the sample that came in my May Glam Bag. I probably wouldn’t spend the money on the microdermabrasion scrub only because I would prefer to spend my money on makeup products.

Derma E’s Microdermabrasion Scrub gets two paws up!

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DIY Beauty: Avocado Hair Mask

avocado hair masI love trying beauty treatments from the kitchen. I think its fun and interesting and sometimes you even find something that works–this is not the case here.

Pinterest is my go to source for everything–cat pictures, makeup tips, recipes–you name it I got it off Pinterest. While perusing Pinterest I saw a recipe for an avocado hair mask. I thought hmmm, I love avocado, love a good hair mask, lets do it! The hair mask recipe calls for 1/2 an avocado, 1 egg and 2 tbsp of olive oil. Whip it together and you’re ready to go!

First of all I knew I was going to have to get in the shower to do this. So I ever so carefully put my bowl on the side of the tub and bam! It falls over!  Thankfully it stayed right side up. As the instructions stated I got my hair wet and then applied the avocado hair mask. It was disgusting to apply. I had to dip my hands into this slimy, gooey mess and then apply it to my hair. The avocado then slid down my hair onto my body making me feel even grosser. After a while I kind of got most of the mixture into my hair and of course on the shower walls, the shower curtain, etc. I then waited 10 agonizingly long minutes with a head full of slime and then rinsed and shampooed and conditioned.

After blow drying my hair, I realized that the damn avocado hair mask didn’t seem to do a thing. My hair looked the same, felt the same and thankfully smelled the same! Hopefully by writing this post I will save you the same fate! Don’t do it! Pinterest needs a disclaimer on this one-use at your own risk!

Have you tried the avocado hair mask? Did you have the same results as I did? Let me know about your Pinterest Beauty Fails!

This avocado hair masks gets 4 paws down and a hiss!



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Beautycounter Lip Sheers

Lip Sheer Set ShadesI’m a lipstick girl; I love experimenting with bright, bold colors and love to try new lip products. I prefer long-wear lipsticks and colors that stay on my lips and don’t transfer everywhere else.  I was excited to try out Beautycounter’s new lip sheers, but at the same time a little hesitant.  I mean, how good could a lipstick that is natural and gluten-free be?

Lets first start with the gorgeous packaging! These gold tubes are so luxe and rival YSL lipstick tubes.  The colors are really great seasonal colors, ranging from a very soft pink to a deep burgundy.  A tube of gloss also comes with the set. I’m definitely not into lip gloss, but I had to try it just to compare with other glosses I have used in the past.

I’ve been using the lip sheers for a few weeks, and to my surprise I really like them. The lip sheers smell delicious! A yummy vanilla fragrance erupts from the tube the minute you open it. The applicator is designed in an easy-to-use tube that you can turn up and down. The lip sheers go on easy like a chapstick. The colors don’t go on as bold as they look—so don’t be afraid to try the darker colors. The gloss is nice and works just like other glosses.  It gives a beautiful shine to the lip sheers.

The longevity of the color is average. I found myself re-applying several times a day, but I also drink lots of water so my lips are constantly in contact with things.  I definitely didn’t mind re-applying because the Beautycounter product smells so good and kept my lips nice and soft.

If you are really into vegan, natural products, you will definitely love Beautycounter’s Lip Sheers.  Because they lack all the bad chemicals, you won’t get the long-wear of non-natural lipsticks, but the colors are beautiful and the lip sheers definitely leave your lips nice and soft. I hope Beautycounter develops more lip products in different colors and of course, I can’t wait to try out their makeup when it comes out!

I am giving Beautycounter Lip Sheers 2 Paws Up for passing my standards, and another 2 Paws Up for being a “clean” product.