Nail Polish, Zoya

Zoya Nail Polish in Odette

Another February Glam Bag sample was ZoyaZoya Nail Polish Nail Polish in Odette.  This Purplish Mauve color is very pretty and I was excited to receive nail polish as I am a nail polisher hoarder.

The brush was tailored for easy use and the nail polish went on nice and easy.  I polished my nails 4 days ago and they are still going strong, which is a shocker because these claws usually chip within a day! Love this color.  Makes me think of Easter.

I don’t know much about the Zoya brand so I decided to do some investigating. Zoya has some gorgina colors! I couldn’t stop scrolling the site.  These colors were amazing! The name of the company is the name of one of the owners, Zoya, who is from Russia.

I am giving Zoya polish two paws up!