I’m Back Bi*ches!

Fall is a time of change. The leaves are changing colors, the clocks are changing backward (or is it forwards? I never remember), and the weather is changing. With all that change happening, I have decided to do some changing too. My love for writing has been waylaid by life. I always have the best intentions, but (insert a million excuses here), I have given myself a swift kick in the ass, and I am back at it!

I will still bring my readers the best of beauty reviews and my take on products (since you know I love a good beauty product), but I am also going to address topics in the news, self-care, mental health and more personal topics that I think are important.
Why all the change? I am glad you asked! Writing is my passion. I live to write, but for the last few years, my writing has been put on the back burner. After reading¬†Girl Wash Your Face,¬†I have decided to stop doing things that I don’t love and only do the things I really love. Sounds like duh, of course, but think about it. How many things are you doing that don’t bring you joy? I bet more than you think.
So this is my welcome back post. My next post I will be tackling a very personal topic and something that I have struggled with for years. Look for that later in the week.