Cat Fight

It’s a Cat Fight: Department Store vs. Drugstore Makeup

catfightMost of us have used drugstore makeup for years, and when I say drugstore I am talking Walmart & Target as well. Some of us even go to stores such as Sephora, Mac, and department stores to get our makeup. But is it really worth it to pay more? I’m sure you’ve seen the make-up dupes out there, if you haven’t, go to my Pinterest and check them out. So if these dupes are cheaper then are you just paying for the brand? I went in-depth to research this for you.

Some of the differences between Department Store & Drugstore Makeup are:

  • Pigments & Fillers – Department store brands will have a higher pigment to filler ration than cheaper brands–more pigment means more intense and longer lasting colors
  • Organic & Natural Ingredients – Many department store brands have organic and natural ingredients which are more expensive than chemicals
  • Packaging – Most department store brands have very luxe looks and packaging, drugstore brands not so much

To put this into perspective I compared ingredients in two HD Foundations, Makeup Forever HD (which I use) and NYX HD Photogenic Foundation. Only 3 ingredients stuck out in the more expensive Makeup Forever foundation; replidium, fucogel and sericite, these ingredients moisturizer and help give you a radiant look. But are those 3 ingredients worth the $20 more you will pay?

So it begs the question how do you know when to splurge on makeup? These are my recommendations based on my research and my own product tests:

You should splurge on foundations, blushes, concealers and lipsticks. Most drugstore brands do not make the cut. They don’t have the ingredients that make these products long lasting. I always buy high-end with foundations and concealers. I suffer from rosacea and need something that will not irritate me. I use both expensive and cheap brands of lipstick. I prefer the more expensive brands as they have more lasting power.

Stick to the drugstore for mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner. I have gone back and forth on many of these products and I still like the cheaper brands for these three.

If you need convincing do your own product trials and also check-out the makeup dupes.  Also check ingredients. If you are choosing between an expensive and a cheaper product, look the ingredients up. If they ingredients are the same, obviously go with the cheaper brand.  There are some really good things in the drugstore, you would be surprised!

Let me know what brands you go for in the department sore and the drugstore.